Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Pre-Baby Confession 1


I must apologise to ALL mums out there
Pre Baby E I was a know it all...yes even before I had my own children I thought I knew best due to the reading I had done as part of my job
Pre-Baby Confession Number 1 
Ok here is my FIRST pre-baby confession
There were times when I would pass a mum with a baby crying in her pram and JUDGE....
'why isn't she cuddling her baby???'
'HOW on earth can she leave the baby to cry?'
Seriously I cringe at the thought of this OLD ME
SOOO if I passed you at some point on the street, in a store, on a train and judged I am sorry
I was a KNOWER of book stuff BUT TOTALLY lacked experience
Being a mum is hard work and some days we do what you can just to get by and YES there are times I am that mum with the crying baby in the pram....I wonder if anyone is judging ME?


  1. Love this post! I think most mums are at least a little bit guilty of this... I know before I had Mushroom I knew motherhood was hard and did sympathised but still a part of me judged. Even when Mushroom was a baby I still held a little judgement for Mums bribing their toddlers with chocolate in the supermarket. Today I bribed Mushroom with a packed lunch... Which included an emergency chocolate buttons stash. I had no idea. None. Great new blog, look forward to reading more! P.S. Found you via BritMums :-)

  2. HIYA!
    Thanks for being my VERY first comment! YOU are SO right about judging mums who bribe with treats....although Baby E is too small to do that with my friends who have toddlers do it and after spending an afternoon with them in the park I TOTALLY understand why! sometimes you just gotta do whatever works for you! I am about to check out your blog