Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Fast Diet.... FAD or the real deal?


OK it is TIME for me to start sorting my weight out.  Before I fell pregnant with Baby E I wanted to be really healthy because we need to conceive via IVF.  I ate really well and got SUPER healthy (one of the factors that I think contributed to us being blessed with Baby E).
However, during my pregnancy I went back to my old ways and convinced myself that the treats I ate were 'just pregnancy cravings'.  Although I still ate lots of fruits and vegetable the amount I ate increased and the cakes and sweets also increased.  After giving birth it was a similar story..."OH I am breast-feeding so can't do any kind of diet"
SO here I am just over 4 months after Baby E was born, no longer breast-feeding and have decided it is TIME to take control.
The Fast Diet or 5:2 Diet was totally new to me as it was not on my radar whilst pregnant.
I read about it in a magazine then bought the books.  It seems pretty straight forward: 2 days very low calories (500 cals) then eat what you want (within reason) for the other 5 days.
What I liked about it was that for 5 days I could be a 'normal' person without calorie counting or saying NO to a glass of wine or dinner with friends.

SOOOOOO I  just finished my first 24 hours and feel GOOD.
I decided to go from 10:30AM to 10:30 the following day
By the evening of the first day I was feeling hungry but made a cup of herbal tea and went to bed early.
I woke up FULL of energy which totally surprised me.
I had a very small breakfast (brought me up to 480 Cals) then met friends for brunch at 11:00
The thing is I didn't overindulge at brunch and for the rest of the day today I also was careful with what I ate and didn't binge

IT IS ONLY day 1 out of 2 days so I can not say it is amazing YET.
I am committed though
Day 2 will be on Thursday

Has anyone else used this?

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