Thursday, 5 September 2013

Have I already failed?

I am worried as I begin to write this post that I might come across as 'vain' or 'my worries trivial compared to others' but I thought I need to just GET ON WITH IT.
Baby E is beautiful to every way possible.

I want to teach her SO badly that she is MUCH more than just looks...that she needs to be happy and confident in her own skin and that she should be proud of WHO she is and the person she will become.
I want my daughter to know who she is and love who she is

So have I already failed?
Have I already taught her that looks matter the most?

When Baby E turned 3 months old we started to notice that her ears changed....they became more prominent.

This picture was taken just as they started to become more prominent. I know they do not look that bad here but they became more and more prominent and sticky-outy ears run in the family.

I worried about it, especially as I had friends growing up who were SO self conscious of their ears.  So much so that they would NEVER EVER wear their hair up, even if it was boiling hot and we were outside playing sports.  
I was also told by people 'she is a girl and can just cover it'...but I didn't want that for her. 

Then a friend of mine told me about Ear Buddies.  She was using them on her daughter...I looked into them further and saw that the NHS was starting to offer them in Greater Glasgow and that some top Doctors also support them so I thought 'why not'.

As Baby E was over 3 months we need to leave them on for at least 9 weeks.  She has about 3 weeks left of them.  They have not caused her any pain or discomfort and we change them regularly.
This is what it basically looks like....
ear buddies
We have certainly noticed a difference when we have taken them off and left them to air dry for a day.
My good friend who saw Baby E before and then saw her on a day we were letting them get some air also commented about the improvement.

She is beautiful no matter what BUT I just couldn't help but think ahead to the future 'Teenage E' and decided it was worth a try.

If children have crooked teeth they are often given braces, I suppose this is like 'braces' for her ears but far less painful and a lot less of a time commitment.

Here I go again trying to reassure myself.
You can probably tell that this is a dilemma that still goes on inside my head.

But I am her mummy and will still teach her to love herself and this was our choice for her....all with good intentions

We still do not know what the outcome will be so will keep you posted

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  1. You are right about the ear buddies. They are non invasive and no surgery is required. If they have the desired effect, then it's a bonus.
    Baby E is adorable by the way x