Wednesday, 18 September 2013

HIgh chair HELP needed

OK we are about 3.5 weeks away from moving Baby E onto solids and I have NO idea what kind of high chair to buy?????? 
  I have been putting it off as I have been told SOOOO many different things and there are too many options.

Some people have told me the BEST option is the SUPER cheap Ikea chair.  I have to say the £12.00 price tag is super tempting.....but if I am being totally honest the aesthetic appeal is lacking...
 Then on the opposite end of the spectrum is the expensive Stokke Trip Trapp highchair.  Two of my friends rave about this one.  They love that it fits right under the table and can be used as the child grows.  I have to admit I like the look of it and the idea of being able to use it later...BUT I do see a lot of these on ebay and local adds which has me thinking, 'maybe children don't use it as they grow?'

Finally the other highchair I have heard a lot of praise for is the Cosatto highchair.  Again it is a little pricey, although anything would be when you compare it to the Ikea highchair.

PLEASE HELP ME! Any suggestions/recommendations greatly appreciated.


  1. My friend has a Tripp Trapp high chair for her little girl and she is in love with it. She wanted to get another one as she is a childminder but didn't want to spend the money so she got on the old e-bay and bagged herself one for £2!!!!! It was in mint condition. I myself just had a £30 thing but it was in red and white so it matched the kitchen. It did the job and is now in the attic.

  2. Thanks for the advice Debra! I think I will begin looking on Ebay