Monday, 30 September 2013

The Weekly Chase

I have just found a GREAT weekly goal setting idea called The Weekly Chase from the blog live, love & run.  
It is really simple, every Monday bloggers post a weekly goal.
 I have an end goal..... to loose weight.  
I do not have just 'a few pounds to shift'... more like a few stone to shift!
I like the idea of setting a weekly goal and then reviewing it on Sunday night.
 SO welcome to my very first post of The Weekly Chase.
I think I need to start off with something that is achievable

My goal for this week is:
To keep a food diary (photos) of everything I put in my mouth.  

I know how good it is to record a food diary.  I am the type of person who 'thinks' I have eaten really healthy BUT seem to 'forget' the odd biscuit or chocolate bar.  By keeping a food diary I will become much more aware of what I am eating and will be able to see what triggers bad eating and if there are any patterns.

I know this is just one small goal but the whole idea behind this is that these small goals will help get us to the end of our journey.

I am starting this journey for Baby E

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