Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wallpaper Wednesdays

Ok I am starting a regular blog post: 

Wallpaper Wednesdays

This might shock some people because I have NEVER used wallpaper in any of the rooms I have occupied in my adult life.  The last room I can remember having wallpaper in was when I was a little girl, it was zoo fact I loved the wallpaper SO much that when we moved house I asked if I could take some with me......................

BUT in our new house I have been thinking that the time has come to use some wallpaper.  I need to be brave!  

Whilst watching the newest episode of Giuliana and Bill (one of my favourite shows) I fell in LOVE with some wallpaper in her new office.

The picture below makes it appear more 'pink' then it actual is.  It is very much grey and white

WELL I have tracked it down and am seriously considering this for our new house.  It is from Cole and Son and is the Paisley collection!

It is MY wallpaper of the week!

 I think the wallpaper works SO well with the panelling, especially the way the panelling has been coloured to match (although the pictures are not that clear).

In my bid to 're-create' this look I found 
Check them out.  I think panels can make a REAL difference to a room and I am seriously considering which room to include these two new finds

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