Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Winter hats for Baby E

Now that Autumn is upon us.... I have been thinking about buying Baby E winter hat (s).  In fact I have bought one from Tesco that was a bargain but am still on the look out for other winter hats.
There are too many hats to choose from......this might be the new obsession...HATS to replace my 'chavvy headbands' obsession.  Here are some of my favourites
This hat is my FAVOURITE ATM 

Such a warm and cosy hat but is a little too much money

 I love these owl hats...super cute

This hat and gloves selection makes me feel SO wintery!

I bought this one for Baby E as it was such a bargain at £5.00 from Tesco

A simple and super cute hat

I LOVE this WIG hat..although probably not top choice for day to day

Have you found any other great winter hats?

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